Frequently Asked Questions

If you own a home that has gutters, sooner or later those gutters will need to be cleaned. If you don’t remember the last time the gutters were cleaned or if there is green vegetation sprouting from the gutters, the time to clean them has arrived.

Home owners do have questions regarding the gutter cleaning process because many are under the assumption that once rain gutter are installed on a home, no maintenance is required. That’s not how it works, but gutter cleaning is not difficult and can be a simple DIY project for ambitious homeowners or professional gutter cleaners can be hired to do the job for you.


Gutters should be cleaned minimally once per year right after the leaves have fallen from the trees in autumn. The last thing you want to do is go into the deep freeze of winter with clogged guttering. The debris will freeze, rainwater and melting snow will overflow the guttering and run down the side of your home. Plus the frozen debris is very heavy and may cause the guttering to pull away from the house, resulting in costly spring-time repairs.

While once-a-year cleaning is essential, twice a year cleaning is preventative maintenance to keep things flowing freely, inspect for damage and prevent roof and/foundational damage which can result from clogged gutters. If your home is situated under large shade or nut-bearing trees, a cleaning schedule that gets the debris flushed out of the gutters every three months is wise and pro-active.

Inside and Out

Gutters need to be cleaned on the inside for functional purposes so rain water flows in and out freely, but gutters also need cleaned on the outside for aesthetic purposes. When tree sap or green mildew adorns the outside of guttering it detracts from the overall curb appeal of the house. A little soap, water and stiff-bristled brush will easily clean away the gunk on the outside of gutters and make them look new again.

While You’re Away

Gutter cleaners are the one type of service providers you don’t have to wait at home for. Make the needed arrangements with the professional gutter cleaners of your choice, then go on with your daily routine. The work can be done while you’re away and you’ll come home to clean gutters for a minimal price.